Ladybug Handbag Accessory


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treated like a ladyLadybugs have gotten a bad rep ever since the Asian beetle invaded these lands—they’re absolutely everywhere and no one wants anything to do with them, including the real, authentic ladybugs. So goes the general wisdom, at least.Let’s put some respect on lady bugs! One of these days, we are going to recognize lady bugs for who they really are—cute, fluttery, and fragile—and not the scary pests that the Asian beetles convinced us they are. Hopefully it’s soon too, because we would never want to hurt your feelings when you snag a cool ladybug accessory!product detailsThis cute little Ladybug Handbag is made of faux leather and features a length-adjustable shoulder strap. There’s an outer pocket on the back side, which has printed graphics on the front. You’ll look so cute toting this around!don’t get it twistedWhile Asian beetles hurt us and smell absolutely awful, ladybugs kind of stay out of our way and eat aphids that can really harm our plants! If you’re a gardener at all, you’ll love these little bugs just for that reason, but if that’s not enough for you then just take a look at how cute their colors are. We’re excited for you to harness their cuteness for yourself!