Lacey Lindy Adult Costume


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We’re all looking to leave our mark and earn the fame that, deep down, we know we are destined for. And, while we’re pursuing that, why the heck can’t we enjoy ourselves, too? What we’re missing these days are the underground spots filled with just the right music, the finest drinks, and the deliciously talented entertainment of the ‘20s. The intrigue, the flash, the drama! And, dare we forget to mention the fashion that walked the perfect line between classy and seductive!? Go back to the smoky jazz clubs of the Roaring ‘20s era Chicago and feel the style and energy as the talent of their flappers leaves little competition, especially when faced with the ‘Shimmy Queen,’ Gilda Gray.But, ha! Who even can think of that when there is a new lass in town who is ready to really lay it out! We’re of course talkin’ about Lacey Lindy! She weren’t like no other dame of the speak. She gots all the connections of high society and knew how to get everything done… not to mention she could stand toe to toe and tip to top with Lady Gray when it came to the Charleston and was more than ready for the Lindy, itself!Time to make the ‘20s really roar with this Lacey Lindy costume. This one piece black dress with mesh overlay has woven lace and fringe that will make every inch of you pop. Accessorize with the perfect shoes and an assortment of dangling jewelry and don’t dare forget the feathered headband! The ‘20s are going to be yours… and so will this decade when you channel the unrelenting force of Lacey Lindy.