Lace Bunny Costume for Women


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NO HAT NEEDEDWhere did this elegant and sophisticated rabbit come from?  This bunny who leads the masquerade dance and is always the first name on all the guest lists.  Well, like all practically mythological beings, it began with a little magic.  This lovely bunny was once just part of an act.  You know the one.  The big top hat and the magician just hoping to heck that the bunny doesn’t get too frustrated by being kept in the dark? Well, sometimes magic truly happens.  Not only did this bunny appear as promised, but she shocked the crowds by taking over the show.  It’s been nothing but glitz, glamor, fame, and fun for this bunny ever since.  And, who can refuse her?  She’s elegant and classy.  She’s seductive and suave.  She’s enigmatic and invigorating.  And, there’s just something a little bit dangerous about her… after all, when conjured by magic, who needs a hat to make more!? DESIGN & DETAILSBring the magic of sophistication and fantasy together with this exclusive Lace Bunny Costume. Our in-house designers have brought together the highest quality materials to create this unique look which includes a black bodysuit, gloves, and a rabbit ear headband. The bodysuit is black velvet and lace with a keyhole halter neckline. The gloves are super long, extending over your elbows. But, the headpiece is where the real magic comes into play. The plastic headband has wire-edged lace ears, and a lace forehead panel. Folks will finally understand the magic of the bunny! A BRAND NEW BUNNY HOPRabbits have too long been sequestered to dorky magic tricks, silly dances, and meek little pets.  But, no more!  It is time to show the bunny the sophistication and high-class power that it deserves.  Work some magic with this Lace Bunny Costume and watch them all come to attention.