La Vampira Girl’s Costume


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Baby Teeth BiteFrom the old classic Dracula to Stephanie Meyer’s sparkling Edward, vampires are a huge pop culture phenomenon. What is it about them that is so appealing? Is it all about romance? Is it all about gore? It’s a strange mix of the two, and it’s definitely here to stay! Part of the lure might be the idea of a human predator. We are so used to being at the top of the food chain, it’s fun to entertain the idea that there are wolves among the sheep! Even kids are discovering vampires through kid-friendly books and shows. So don’t be surprised if your child really wants this Girl’s La Vampira Costume!Product DetailsThis detailed costume takes inspiration from the gothic Victorian type of vampire. The dress is wonderfully layered with red and black ruffles, mesh, and embroidery. The shortened skirt is reminiscent of long gowns of ages past, as is the black on black patterned bodice. The bodice isn’t a real corset, but it does have nice lacing detailing in red ribbon. Atop the bodice, the rest of the dress is red with black embroidery and features a ruffled neckline and gathered sleeves. The real vampire detail is the high black collar, which holds its shape with the help of some foam. A small black rose and red rose make up the hair piece. In all this finery, the rest of the costume is simple! Some boots and black leggings will keep your little vampire warm and comfortable. A Thirst for FunAre you ever too young to be a vampire? This costume says nope! Anyone can dress up as a vampire, and they can be as nice or as scary as they like. No matter what kind of vampire your child wants to be, they will look the part!