Kitty Magnet Costume for Adults


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Magnets, How Do They Work?Listen. We need to ask you a really important question. Do you know how magnets work? We’ve seen them in action about a million times. We’ve observed large pieces of metal float through the air like magic and we still just can’t wrap our head around how they work. Is it some kind of sorcery? Maybe some invisible strings at work or maybe it’s a complex system of mirrors? And why do they only work with metal? Why not something a little more adorable? Like cats? If you had a working cat magnet, you could find all sorts of soft kitties to play with. You could be king of the kitties!Unfortunately, we don’t know of a magnet that can attract cats. We do know of a costume that gives you the unique appearance of an irresistible cat magnet.Product DetailsThis unique Kitty Magnet Costume will have you looking like god’s gift to cats! The costume comes with a large, U-shaped piece designed to fit around your neck. It looks just like a classic magnet. The piece also comes with a variety of soft, fluffy cat faces that fit at each end of the U. Just toss it on over your regular wardrobe and you have a costume that will help you showcase your love of cats!Not About Cats?What’s that you say? This costume isn’t designed for people who like cats or people who like magnets? What do you mean? We’re not exactly following you on that, but if you happen to pick this costume up, we’re sure that you’ll be frolicking with all sorts of kitty cats! And if you do happen to ever figure out how magnets work, be sure to let us know. We’re dying to figure that little enigma out!