Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe Ugly Christmas Sweater


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Remember when you were a little kid and you just couldn’t wait to grow up so that you could have your first kiss under the Christmas mistletoe?Well, the boy and the humor have grown up since then, but the sentiment is more or less the same. Kind of. If you want to be the Christmas joker and be met with a mixture of uproarious laughter and eye rolls, then this Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe Ugly Christmas Sweater is the way to go this holiday season. It will fit in with an Ugly Sweater party theme and will be a welcomed bit of lighthearted joviality. You know deep down you are “that guy,” so go ahead and be “that guy” in this red and green yarn pullover. Whether you’re headed to the frat or headed to drown your holiday “joy” in a pint at the pub, this sweater will deliver on laughs, but…and we don’t want to be a Grinch here but…perhaps not on your ultimate Christmas wish. Sad, we know.