Kid’s Skull and Bones Skeleton Morphsuit Costume




We hear your little one loves to scare, is that right? He’s always going on about the latest scary movie, jumping out at you from behind the corner, and sometimes even sneaking into your room and grabbing you in the middle of the night?Well then, this costume is just perfect for him (though maybe not for your sleep schedule). Seriously, look at this Kids Skull and Bones Skeleton Morphsuit. It is terrifying. There is just something about the bones and skulls and teeth that prove downright unnerving. Imagine how amazing he’ll feel wearing this: prowling the street of the neighborhood on Halloween, like a creature released just for one night of terror. Can you picture the delight he’ll feel from erupting out of Mrs. Juniper’s forsythia bush, or creeping down the hallway at his best friend’s house, being met with screams of panic. He’ll feel like he has his own horror movie, one where he is the master of suspense, the creature that causes chaos.In this morphsuit, your child will be covered from head to toe in stretch fabric that fastens with a zipper in the back. He’ll be the one delivering the scares….and also getting all the candy. Pro-tip: you may want to take this away from him for the other 364 days of the year, however, unless you like being terrified by your little guy year-round.