Kids Sheriff Costume


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The Wild West is alive and just as dangerous a place as you’ve ever heard or seen in modern or classic film. The dusty road is long and it is tough to keep the town safe and secure from wandering black-hatted bandits. What this town really needs is a law man who can stand up to protect us all from the roaming thugs that think they can just walk in and stake a claim.And, if bandits don’t strike you as threatening, just take a look at the trend in tales we’ve been seeing! It isn’t enough that we have to deal with banditry… there are aliens now!? Woah! We could barely keep up with the wild western lands before, but things are getting way out of hand, now! A normal sheriff won’t cut it, anymore. We need one who is brave, imaginative, inventive. Young! Thankfully, we hear that you know just the kiddo to take up the mantle of Sheriff and keep these Western Wilds under control!We have the duds already prepped for your Kid Lawman in the Kid’s Sheriff costume. The completely cotton, full-length brown jacket is ready to handle the roughest of challenges and will keep the dust of the lands from caking too thick on your young lawman’s trousers. Strap in the grey worn vest over or under the jacket for a keen and official look and don’t forget the leather collar and sheriff badge that shows your kiddo’s station. Tie on the brown cowboy hat to finish up the look and watch all the bandits go running for the hills.