Kids Peppermint Candy Costume


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Remember going to grandma’s house when you were a kid and pilfering her old lady candy stash? Ribbon candies that had been fused together since the Truman administration, butterscotches that were crushed to dust in their wrappers by frantic fingers during game show marathons, and there, ever present, the peppermint. Its alluring red swirl invoked a pinwheel spinning in a windy day, and it popped in your mouth so satisfyingly when you bit it in half with your incisors.Sure, there were arguably more desirable name brand candies that you’d rather have had when you were seven, but none had the heart or nostalgia of this colorful sugary standby. Our parents probably liked us to have them too. Our steady childhood diets of grilled cheeses and apple juice along with our aversion to brushing our teeth couldn’t have made our breath too pleasant, so imagine our parents’ relief when we reached for a candy with one of very few ingredients known to actually make breath smell better. What better way is there for your kid to pay tribute to this breath-saving, generation-spanning treat than to dress up as it?Our Child Peppermint Candy Costume is ideal for any candy-themed pageant, parade, or play. The festive tunic fastens quickly and easily in the back with Hook and Loop fastener, so impatient kids won’t have to hold still for a complicated dress down. Sturdy but comfortable foam ensures the costume will keep its shape, and your little sweetie will keep a full range of motion — so they’ll still be able to pilfer whatever sweets cross their paths. Just like when we were young!