Kids Narwhal Costume


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Unicorn (of the Sea) DreamsYour child is a bit of an animal lover. OK, animal genius is more like it! Ever since they were little, they’ve been learning about all of the Earth’s creatures, from small to large and everything in between. Suffice it to say, you’ve had some interesting pets.But no animal on land or sea has captivated your kid’s imagination like the majestic narwhal. These ocean unicorns are as amazing as they are rare, and your kid knows a LOT about them, such as the fact that a narwhal’s long tusk is actually a tooth that doesn’t stop growing, and acts as a sensory organ like an eye or an ear. Cool! Think how many people your child will be able to share their narwhal knowledge with this Halloween when they wear this Narwhal Kid’s Costume trick or treating! Everyone will appreciate this unique outfit, but none so much as your child! And we hear your kid also knows all about a narwhal’s favorite types of candy, which is information that will likely come in handy!Design & DetailsOur costume studio had your kid in mind when they crafted this charming look! Of course, the tusk they topped this blue and white jumpsuit with isn’t quite as long as a real narwhal’s because…well…that could get dangerous! Those tusks are long. Instead, they gave this cozy jumpsuit a sea-worthy blue and white hue, matching shoe covers, and an opening for your child’s face beneath the narwhal hood. Trust us, your animal enthusiast will love getting a unique perspective of their fave creature up close!Sea Ya!The only downfall to this costume is that your child may want to live like a narwhal full time—it’s that comfy and cool! And can you really blame them? Who wouldn’t want to be a unicorn of the sea? Don’t worry, narwhals tend to stick to their pod, so your kid won’t be far away!