Kids Harry Potter Dumbledore Deluxe Costume


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A New HeadmasterDo you think your child is ready to take on the role of the headmaster of Hogwarts? No really, we’re serious. Dumbledore might have been rather serious by the end of the Harry Potter series but in the beginning, he was rather light-hearted. We think that it’s about time that a little more child-like fun was inserted into the halls of Hogwarts. What new rules do you think your child would make? Would all the passwords of the dorms change to “Farty Pants” or “Stinky Socks”? Or maybe there would be a grand game of blind man’s bluff where half the students would wear invisibility cloaks and the other half had to find them. Now that we think about it, wouldn’t it be fun to play hide and seek in Hogwarts? Okay, okay. We’ve got to get a kid to run Hogwarts, quick. No matter what the cost. Now, if only there was a way to convince the other professors that your child is mature enough to take on the role…Product DetailsThis licensed Dumbledore outfit will make your child feel like they just came from Hogwarts. They’ll look resplendent in the long, gray robe with embroidered scrolling down the front. It secures in the middle and flares into a wide collar. The sleeves have a noble cut with the light gray material cut to the wrist and the wider sleeve lifted with a strap. Topped off with a pillbox hat, your child might start making new passwords for his room as soon as this costume arrives. (hint: try guessing his favorite candy)Spellcasting CharactersDo you live in a whole family of Harry Potter fans? We know what that’s like. Browse through the rest of our Wizarding World costumes and you’ll find a whole host of characters, enough to charm your whole family!