Kids Feelin’ Groovy Costume


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Is your kiddo ready to be the grooviest girl walking around the block this Halloween? If she’s got what it takes to be the coolest cat in town then we’ve got the perfect threads for her. Check out this Feelin’ Groovy Costume for children! She’ll be ready to give all your neighbors and friends a blast to the past.This retro-themed outfit is the perfect thing to help your youngster find her mojo in time for the holiday. How is she supposed to collect all those tasty treats if she doesn’t have her mojo? Luckily, that won’t be a question you have to answer this Halloween because mojo will be gushing out of her with this psychedelic guise! This cool trippy pink dress has flared sleeves and a deep V-neckline. Included with the dress is a headband with the same pattern printed on it. Add a few more accessories to make her new look extra groovy. A peace sign necklace is a must have along with plenty of colorful beaded bracelets. Once you’ve got the grooviest jewelry find some fashionable footwear. Check out our go-go boots selection and find the perfect pair to match with this outfit.Whether your kiddo has got a Halloween party to make it to or a fun decades party, with this costume and a few fun accessories she’ll be the grooviest little lady in the crowd. Just be sure to teach her some of the hip lingo from back in the day and she’ll be ready to spread the love and peace this year!