Kids Cute Inflatable Pinata Costume




Sweet EdgeYour child likes to live life on the edge. Or as “on the edge” as an elementary school student can at least. They wear their helmet when they ride their bike, but they always seem to need a reminder to latch the chinstrap. They never forget to buckle their seat belt, but they always ignore an untied shoe. The last time you asked them to grab you a soda from the fridge they smirk as they handed you the viciously shaken can. For gym class, they make sure they have their sneakers but make a point to skip the socks. And homework is always left for the morning it’s due—somehow, they always get top marks.When they got an invite to a friend’s birthday party, you weren’t entirely sure what to expect from your daring child. You did have a feeling it would involve pushing their luck, however, and you weren’t wrong. Instead of a gift, your child asked if they could attend the party as a pinata and bring a bag of candy.Product DetailsYou may not think it wise to attend a birthday party as a pinata, but you admire your kid’s spunk! With this Child Inflatable Pinata Costume, they’ll be a smash hit wherever they go. Layers of brightly colored polyester give this bold look a classic pinata style. Your child will be in control of the oversized decoration with elastic-banded leg and armholes that keep them secured inside the hollow pinata. A head hole is cut into the neck of the costume so your child will have an unimpeded view of their surroundings. All you’ll need to get the costume inflated and performance-ready are 4 AA batteries for the included fan.Party Like a PinataWhether they keep all the sweets for themselves or share a big bag of treats with their friends, your kid will be the life of the party in this Inflatable Pinata Costume. We just recommend keeping any baton-type items far away.