Kids Cavegirl Costume


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Is your little one ready to run around with the dinosaurs? Well, you may not think so but that’s just because you haven’t seen her in this amazing Child Cavegirl Costume! We made this fun costume ourselves and we know that your little girl will be more than ready for a prehistoric adventure.Will your little one spend her time riding on the back of bucking triceratops or hunting down mighty t-rexes? Will she fly above the clouds with a pet pterodactyl or will she tame a dakosaurus and explore the depths of the sea? Who knows? The adventure will be hers to choose but first, she has to look like she can survive in a primitive era. The cavemen somehow made it living among these mighty beasts and when your little one tosses on this Cavegirl Costume, she will look fully prepared for a blast to the past! You’ll want to make sure to equip her with the proper weaponry. Things can get tough in the primeval time period so you need to make sure she has a trusty club by her side at all times. You can look through our fine collection of wooden club props and we just know you’ll find one with the perfect amount of oomph behind it for your cave-cutie!Once you have this outfit all set to go with the perfect accessories, your girl will be ready for a Halloween celebration that will be worthy of walls and walls of cave-art. She will surely tell the tale of this historical Halloween for years and years to come!