Keep It Cruel Costume for Women


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fur? passWhy must everyone assume that you’re some kind of villain when you wear an outfit that has Dalmatian patterns? We’re sick of it! It’s almost like some kind of conspiracy that everyone jumps to the conclusion that a woman who wears this particular kind of outfit wants to capture poor, innocent puppies for the purposes of making a coat. But really, get a clue!Heck, real fur hasn’t been necessary for ages. Ever since we figured out how to make some fabulous faux furs, those animals can live a life free of worry! We’d like to let you all know that this Women’s Keep It Cruel Costume is made completely from synthetic materials, so ZERO Dalmatians were harmed in the creation of this outfit. In fact, this outfit is a celebration of the lovely look of that dapper dog breed, and its name is only in jest!product detailsThat’s right! This costume combines the fashionable style of the Dalmatian with a stylish ensemble that will have you feeling fabulous all day. It comes with a sleek bodysuit, stylish accent choker, matching long gloves and garter, and a cigarette holder! Snag a wig like the one pictured to bring it all together!no villain hereWhen people try to turn you into some kind of villain, just remind them that you would never harm a personable pooch. Let them know that this outfit is made from man-made materials. Also, you could maybe start cackling maniacally as you sic your thugs after them for trying to slander you! That ought to show any naysayers that you’re definitely not a villain!