Jolly Rancher Womens Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher Costume


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Tart, Yet SweetSometimes, sweet just doesn’t do it. Yes, we know. Tons of people like the red ones because they’re the sweetest, and tons of people will clamor on about how much they love the red flavors. But what about a flavor for those who need a little zip in their step? You know, a little extra jolt to wake you up! A flavor that’s truly electric, both in color and taste! That’s exactly what we like in our flavors. Enter blue raspberry! Too tart for the wild, the blue raspberry doesn’t actually exist in real life—flavorologists had to carefully craft the flavor in a lab.Well, if your personality is a little sweet with a twist of tart, then you might just be like Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher! With this officially licensed costume, you’ll be able to indulge in your own sour self as you dress up as one of the most rebellious candies of all time!Product DetailsThis Women’s Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher Costume gives you the sweet and tart look of the candy! It starts with a light blue dress, that captures the color of the blue raspberry Jolly Rancher. It even has the logo on the front. The bust of the dress has a yellow ruffle trim to mimic the look of a candy wrapper and the skirt features a matching yellow ruffling. It has straps around the shoulders for fitting and it’s all topped off with a yellow, ruffled headband that looks like a candy wrapper! It all combines for a look that will have you looking like the sweetest (yet tart) candy around!Jolly FriendsersOf course, Jolly Ranchers always come with friends! You can check out our full selection of candy costumes to create your own Jolly Rancher group costume!