Jockey Checkered Hat Blue


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Felonius Fracas”Now entering the paddock is Felonious Fracas. This magnificent purebred is wearing number 11 with the blue checkers. The big question is, of course, will his famed jockey be able to ride him into the winner’s circle?”It’s all up to you, but you’re not sweating it. And that’s because you’ve trained for this moment your entire life. You’re a top jockey, after all, and you’re ready to mount Felonius Fracas for two and a half furlongs, and it’s going to be the race of your lives. So, we just gotta ask. Do you have all your jockey gear ready?Product DetailsComplete your costume with this Blue Checkered Jockey Hat, and you’ll be ready for the races. This hat features 100% polyester fabric on 100% polyurethane molded foam. The printed checkerboard pattern is a typical style worn at the racetrack, and will be the perfect complement for any blue jockey costume.Off to the racesGood luck by the way! You might not be racing in an actual horse derby, but you’re sure to have your authentic jockey styled locked in just right when you team up with and get this Checkered Jockey Helmet!