Jellyfish Light Up Hat


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If you thought sharks ruled the deep blue sea, think again. Jellyfish have been the kings of the underwater world for millions of years, 650 million years to be exact. That’s right, they’ve been trolling the Earth far before dinosaurs were even around and they’ve lived long after dinos were extinct, so they’re pretty deadly beasts despite being made of 97% water! So the next time someone is ranting and raving about sharks, just put this light up jellyfish hat on and educate them about jellyfish and their deadly stings. Your shark-obsessed friend will soon be singing a different tune once he learns the ways of this lethal, yet beautiful, deep sea creature.This unique jellyfish hat features a pink mushroom shaped hat while cascading iridescent “tentacles” hang down, enshrouding your face and upper body. It’s basically a complete costume that you wear on your head, just outfit yourself in all black clothing and you can began your jellyfish-esque lurking, and if you see someone dressed in a shark costume, you know what to do. That’s right, battle them and prove that jellyfish are the real rulers of the ocean. There’s “no bones” about it!