Jack O Lantern Ankle Socks


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Ho-Ho-HalloweenWhile some families do it up big for Christmas, your crew goes all out for a different holiday: Halloween! And for as far back as anyone can remember, there’s been a fun tradition of Halloween “stockings” hung over the fireplace. These are typically orange or black in color, with designs such as cats, bats, or broomsticks printed on them.And into these spooky-themed stockings go candy, cute pumpkin-shaped soaps, handmade popcorn balls, and a whole array of fun Halloween items. Everyone opens them by the fire, right before a screening of a scary movie! (Side note: your family sounds wonderful and we want an invite to Halloween at your place.)Product DetailsThat’s why you’re so jazzed to have found these Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Socks! They’re perfect for stuffing your family’s Halloween stockings with; just make sure you grab an extra pair for yourself! They are a comfy, orange-knit ankle sock with a lime trim and Jack o’ lantern pattern on top! You don’t want to be the only one on the couch watching the movie without them, do you? Holiday RivalryLet those other folks keep their egg nog and reindeer—your family opts for ghosts, fun-sized candy bars, and cute pumpkin socks to create the most festive time of the year!