Invisible Man Costume for Adults


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STAND OUT OR BLEND IN?Usually, when you think of a magical ability or a scientifically created genetic rarity, you probably imagine how quickly someone’s going to get famous. Whether they use the power for heroics or villainy, they’re certainly going to make the books simply because they can do something rather crazy awesome or may just be something that is truly unique to see. But, then you’ve got invisibility… a rather curious kind of power to try to nail down.By its very nature, you’re talking about an ability that helps you avoid detection. Maybe you have total control over it and can go invisible or back to participating in the normal reflecting light ordeal that the rest of us are forced to deal with. But, perhaps being out of sight is just your lot in life. If you’re always hiding from view whether you want to or not, well, you’ve got to take few extra steps to make sure you get noticed when you want to be!  DESIGN & DETAILSAdmittedly, we never thought that we’d be creating a costume for invisible folks, but we understand the need to look great even for the literally sight-impaired. Our designers have crafted a look to get you noticed and stay in high-quality style. This Invisible Person Costume might feel like a trope, but it’s the perfect way to stand out when you’re used to blending in. The stretchy mask has a bandage wrap style with some unfortunate slippage where your invisible face may still be exposed. The hat, glasses, and scarf make for a necessary add-on to avoid looking like a disembodied head. Finish things off with a shirt and long-sleeved, knee-length jacket to secure yourself as a professional Invisible Person! YOUR INVISIBLE ORIGINOnce you stand out in the crowd with this Invisible Person Costume, folks will naturally want to know how you became invisible in the first place. Be ready with your origin story… or just slip off the mask and slip away from sight to remain a mystery!