Inflatable IT Pennywise Decoration


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YOU WANT IT, DON’T YOU? Well, well, well look who is crawling out from the sewer and turning your front lawn into his new home. It’s Pennywise the Dancing Clown and from the looks of it, he couldn’t be more excited about the move. Although Pennywise is the reincarnation of evil in the form of a hideous clown (sorry, not sorry), displaying him in your front yard will bring about some perks. No longer will neighborhood kids use your yard as a personal shortcut to get from house to house. They’ll steer clear of your home entirely because no one wants to end up as Pennywise’s lunch. Stray cats, the neighborhood’s little barky dog, and pesky bunnies and rabbits looking to snatch food from the garden will also stay away. By purchasing the IT inflatable Pennywise decoration, you’ll gain an awesome Halloween decoration and your own personal security guard.  PRODUCT DETAILSYou’ll receive the 7-foot tall inflatable decoration, an interior fan, and the plug-in. Once plugged into an outlet, the decoration inflates on its own with outstretched arms and a devious grin showcasing those famous sharp teeth. Unlike Georgie, this decoration won’t float! (Too soon?)WANT A BALLOON? Tie red balloons to tree branches or an outdoor patio to heighten the scare factor.