Infantry Soldier Costume for Toddlers


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Ten-hut!It’s time to whip your new recruit of the family into shape. That means he’s going to have to train hard, eat his vegetables and learn to get along with everyone else in the family. Maybe it’s time to send him to boot camp! That’s right, you can set up your own boot camp for your little one, but first, you’re going to need the kind of outfit that will help get into the right mindset. He’s going to need camouflage.Camouflage is the tried and true color scheme for any military tough guy! Something about the greens, browns and tans help make anyone feel like they could take on an any mission solo, which makes it the perfect gear for training your kid into becoming a strapping young soldier. If only there was a quick and easy outfit that could give your child the camo he needs to jump right into boot camp…Well, this toddler infantry soldier gives your child all the camo colors he’s going to need. This exclusive costume comes with everything your little one needs to begin his first days in training! The costume comes with a camo jumpsuit, along with a matching cadet hat. An army green belt fits around the waist to help your child look his best for his foray into military service. Just make sure you let him know that he has to clean up his toys and eat all of his vegetables before you’ll let him play in the mud with the other cadets.