Infant Count Dracula Costume


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Down for the CountWe all know taking care of an infant is hard. The thing is, raising a vampire baby has it’s very own unique challenges. For one, a vampire baby will sleep all day and then stay up all night. Wait, that’s the standard for babies? Oh, well, there are other issues as well. For one, we bet your baby doesn’t turn into a bat every time he or she is startled. Also, they don’t tell you that baby vampires are born with glamoring skills. So while you might just take the remote away from your human baby, when you try and do that with Dracula Junior, you’ll find yourself handing it right back when you meet those devilish eyes. Yeah, vampire rearing is hard work and we haven’t even gotten into the problem of teething. Details & DesignYou don’t have to hurdle through all the issues of raising an actual vampire in order for your human child to look like a tiny count Dracula. Skip the drama and invest in this adorable Made by Us Count Dracula costume! It features a shirt and vest combination that secures with hook and loop fasteners up the back. The dramatic black cape is lined with red and has a classic vampire collar. Changing is easy with black pants that snap on the inseam so you don’t have to take any time out from Halloween festivities. With billowy sleeves, a bat bowtie, and a theatrical cape, your little one will look just like a vampire without having to live in one of those drafty Transylvanian castles. Ga-ga for GothicLittle Junior doesn’t have to stalk the night alone. We have vampire costume sizes for mom, dad, siblings, and even Fido! Who knew it was so easy to get the whole family in the same macabre state of mind this Halloween?