Hot Taco Bell Sauce Packet Taco Bell Adult Costume


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A Hot TopicWant to know a secret? We’ve been avoiding this costume. No, not because we don’t like it. We’ve been avoiding it because every time we look at it, we get hungry! Sometimes the best part of the meal is the sauce and thinking about the squishy packages of taco seasoning makes our mouths water instantly. Come with us, if you will, to our situation. It’s mid-morning. Our breakfast is wearing off. It’s way too early to start even thinking about lunch. And then we come upon this Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet Costume. Our mind turns. We start thinking about the flavors, the textures, everything we love about the Taco Bell menu. Then, like we’re living in a dream, we ask our coworker if they want to head out for tacos at eleven. An 11:00 lunch! Look what this costume made us do. Well, at least our day is that much more flavorful, right?Product DetailsSlipping into this costume is almost as easy as getting hungry while looking at this costume. The tunic is an eye-catching orange and has the crimped edges that we all love to rip into when it’s time to dig into our shredded chicken quesadilla. The front is printed with a sassy hot sauce tagline to make sure that you have a conversation started where ever you go. Something to Taco BoutIs Taco Tuesday a favorite weekly holiday for you and all of your friends? Our Taco Bell hot sauce packet costumes come in two styles and all the flavors you know and love. Spice up your next costumed event by representing your saucier side. It’s sure to be a hit. Just don’t be surprised if people start asking if you brought tacos. That’s just what happens when you look this appetizing!