Horror Nurse Womens Costume


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Creepy CareWhen you moved to town, you were told to avoid the old hospital on the hill. No one who checked in there ever seemed to check out. The hospital was secured with wrought iron fencing. The ambulances that sometimes circled the city to pick up victims… er, patients were painted black, made a sound closer to wailing than a siren, and was strangely shaped like a hearse. Still, when you saw the hospital was hiring nurses, you thought you’d go for it. After all, the pay seemed good and they were offering room and board in their gothic-style dormitories. You’d end up saving money and having some pretty crazy stories to tell after this gig! As soon as you saw the uniform, you knew you were in the right place. No cute scrubs here. It wouldn’t be long until this horror hospital felt like home!Costume DetailsYou’ll feel like strutting your stuff as soon as you slip into this spooky nurse uniform. The classic white dress is form-fitting, zipping up the front from the waist. For from standard, the white is splattered with blood, making your bedside manner unsettling at best. The red gloves pull up to the elbow and have extra fabric at the fingertips to give your hands a clawlike shape. The ensemble is topped off with a blood-splatter mask that loops around your ears with elastic and a plastic nurse headpiece. Perfect for zombie events and Halloween parties, this costume can be paired with a range of gory props and accessories so that you can make it your own!Witches VS StitchesSpooky nurses are a Halloween staple for a reason. What’s more unnerving than a health care professional who has no scruples and a love for experimental surgery? Yeah, we’d rather take our chances with a witch. Buy this horror nurse costume and your sure to enjoy flaunting your creepy care side this Halloween!