Hooded Paw Patrol Marshall Comfy Critters Costume Blanket




Little kids can be so indecisive. One minute the want to play outside and the next they are scheming up ways to get their little hands inside of the family cookie jar. So, the next time they want to watch their favorite Paw Patrol dogs save the day on Nickelodeon but you personally think your little one is in serious need of a nap, then this Marshall comfy critter blanket will make the perfect gift for your youngster.This hooded blanket will make nap time a lot easier for Paw Patrol fans. Kids will love snuggling with this officially licensed microfiber fleece because of the soft-sculpted head which can be worn as a hood. The plush hood has embroidered features to look exactly like the brave Dalmatian whose expertise includes saving friends and fighting fires. The next time nap time rolls around just give your little one this blanket and we’re positive that there won’t be any complaints!