Homecoming Queen Girls Horror


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Dance DisastersDo you remember your middle school and high school dances? They may have been put on for fun but they also attracted some serious drama. If they felt compelled, a sharp-eyed chaperone could spot a teen fleeing in tears every half an hour or so. Blame it on the combination of music and dressing up. Or on the fact that princesses regularly flee balls. Or the romance and rejection that’s always thick in the air. Or the constant possibility of wardrobe malfunctions that comes with dressing up and moving to the music for hours on end. But do dance-drama could ever quite as memorable as a full-on ghoulish homecoming queen coming to haunt students and staff at your next formal! Yikes! Product DetailsWe’re not sure what’s wrong with this Homecoming Queen. Zombie outbreak? Is she haunting her old school? That’s up to your macabre-minded kiddo! Once she slips into this tattered gown, she’s sure to feel both fabulous and freaky. The costume easily fits over the head and has an elastic band sewn into the back for a comfortable fit. A shining sash with “Homecoming Horror” slings over the bodice. Black lace wristlets fit over your kid’s forearms with a corsage over one wrist. Topped off with a sparkling tiara, this costume will make your little Homecoming Queen into a dancing scream!A Fright To RememberIs your kiddo dressing up for a Halloween dance? Does she want to be scary and a little bit elegant at the same time? This Homecoming Horror costume plays on the classic prom night ghost stories that are a part of every town’s urban legend library without being so spooky that it’ll cause nightmares. Top this costume off with a messy updo, tattered tights and scuffed dress shoes, and some super spooky makeup. Now, who has the last dance?