Hipster Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater


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Some people like to wear shirts and sweaters that rep guys like Notorious B.I.G., and that’s cool and all. But you want everyone to know that you’re a fan of the Virtuous O.S.N. (that’s “Old Saint Nick,” which you totally already knew), a famous “wrapper”… of Christmas gifts! And there’s no better place to prove your dedication to the Red One than that upcoming Christmas celebration or “ugly sweater” party. If you’re going to the latter, though, we hope they’ll still let you in, because this awesome Santa Christmas Sweater is anything but ugly!It’s richly colored in the spirit of the season, with a bright green background that’s offset with a red collar, sleeve cuffs and waistband. And it’s got the face of everyone’s favorite Jolly old gift-bearer knitted prominently onto the front, right where everyone can see it. So whether you’re going to a Christmas party or you just want to stay warm and show your appreciation for Santa Claus, do it in this Hipster Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater!