Hershey’s Kiss Costume for Adults


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Say It With A KissKeeping your feelings all wrapped up is never a good idea. But it’s not like you have to get all sappy on the people around you every time you start feeling a feel. Sometimes you can send out the sweetness that’s in your heart in little ways that’ll let the folks on your personal nice list know that they are seen. Kisses happen to be the perfect little memorable gesture. A Kiss in your kiddo’s cold lunch will make a Monday seem more manageable, even if there’s a pop quiz in Math. A Kiss (not to be weird) can let your coworker know that you appreciate all they do. You can slip a Kiss to your mail carrier, your mother-in-law, and of course your favorite barista who always makes the best Mochas. The nice thing is, the more you spread sweetness, the sweeter you become! This Halloween, flaunt your flavor when you slip into this Kiss costume!Costume DetailsYou’ll transform into one of those little bites of sweetness when you slip into this Hershey’s Kiss costume. The metallic tunic has a bubble shape to create an unmistakable Kiss shape. You can simply slip it on over your own clothing, making it a simple piece to throw on quickly before Halloween revelry. Topped off with a Hershey’s Kiss cap that has a Kisses tag, you’ll love your chocolately new character. Food GroupThis costume is great on its own but you shouldn’t be dismayed if folks around you are inspired by your look. Dressing up as candy (the most important food group) will always be a good time. Check out the rest of our sweet looks. With sizes for every age and body, your whole family can take part! Because the only thing better then a Kiss is a bunch of Kisses!