Haunted Mask Goosebumps Enamel Pin


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Next ChapterIt might have been a while since you’ve been into Goosebumps books. And yet, when you look back you probably remember what it was like diving into those stories. R.L. Stine was the king of cliffhangers. You just couldn’t help but head to the next chapter. Now, you’re probably a little more grown up. If you’re being honest you probably won’t want to go back and read all those books like you used to. Now it’s time to pay tribute to those books in a whole new way! Add a little Goosebumps flair in a fun and trendy way with this Haunted Mask enamel pin to any outfit and write your own new chapter. Spoiler alert: you’ll probably wake up and it’ll all be a dream!Product DetailsAdd a touch of classic horror to any ensemble with this bright and cheerful Goosebumps pin. It’s simple to make sure it’s secure. The back simply goes through your jacket, hat, or bag and is capped with a metal piece. At just under two-inches it’ll stand out while fitting on hats or purses. The enamel pin’s color scheme is bright and funky while maintaining a horrific expression that’ll bring you right back to your Goosebump days!