Harry Potter Hufflepuff Danielle Nicole Clutch


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The Right ‘PuffIt’s Halloween and you and your three best pals have decided to represent the Hogwarts houses at a huge holiday bash! Fun. Maybe we could get an invite…we make a great Argus Filch…No? OK, well anyway, as the Hufflepuff of the crew, you’ve got to carry the torch for the black and yellow! You ‘Puffs have a lot of pride, and despite what some may say about you, we think you’re an amazing bunch of witches and wizards who are the next wave of famed magic makers. Just look at all that Newt Scamander has done! To help you prove that Hufflepuff is actually the best Hogwarts house, we offer you this Danielle Nicole Harry Potter Hufflepuff Clutch that’ll let you strut your stuff and really stand out! Product DetailsThis is a genius design collaboration between style maven Danielle Nicole and the Harry Potter crew. Seriously…it looks like Danielle Nicole aced her O.W.L.s because these little bags are off the chain! Speaking of chains, this envelope clutch has a chain strap, internal card slots, and the cool Hufflepuff uniform design on the top. Shining with golden accents, a glittery tie, and your house crest, this bag will help everyone at the party see how powerfully cool you are!Next Big ThingSure, the wizarding world may treat Gryffindors like they are something special, but if we’ve learned anything from Harry Potter, it’s that everyone loves an underdog. And the most magical folks can come from the most surprising places!