Hanging Pumpking Hands 12Ft


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Seasonally SpookyWhat’s your favorite scary movie? What do you crave when that first bite of cold hits the night air when autumn rolls around? Do you want to curl up in front of the television and watch a monster flick? Or maybe you stay up late reading classic Victorian ghost stories. Everyone has a different taste for the scary side of life. Why not spread that macabre type of joy with outdoor Halloween decor that’ll really stand out in any landscape. The shrieks from delighted Halloween revelers are a great payoff for your eerie investment.Product DetailsThis frightful pumpkin king is sure to set the tone in your yard. The horrendous pumpkin face glares down on passers-by with a sharp wide grin. A tattered poncho hangs from the shoulders while aged hands peek out of the sleeves as if they’re ready to reach out and grab and trick-or-treaters that get too close!Don’t Lose Your GourdYou already love carving a pumpkin into a smiling jack-o-lantern now you can also add a pumpkin that’s ready to go year after year to your decor. With a spooky smile that never fades, you’ll be ready to get ghastly as soon as the leaves start to change!