Half Mask Vinyl Skull


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Makeup MadnessThere’s absolutely an insane amount of makeup content on the Internet these days. But hey, that’s good, because we can’t get enough. One of our favorite things to watch is special effects makeup. People can make themselves look like movie characters, animals, or celebrities. We decided to try doing it ourselves for Halloween last year. The results were…interesting. Turns out you need a lot of time, materials, and practice for these effects to look realistic, or even good. So this year, we’re going to leave makeup to the professionals and opt for a mask instead!Product DetailsIf you have some people to scare but your makeup skills aren’t quite at YouTuber levels, try this Vinyl Skull Half Mask. We love it because it’s creepy enough for Halloween but leaves you plenty of room to chow down on the chocolate you collect. Unlike some other masks, it also has large eye holes so you can see where you’re going, even in a dimly lit party. Its elastic band will keep it securely on your head, and you can pair it with a wig, hat, or hood to hide it if you want. Maybe you can even make people think you are an expert with prosthetics!Fantastic FacePlease note: if you do want to become skilled with makeup, don’t take our failure as discouragement. We’re sure that with a little practice you’ll do much better than we did. While you’re learning though, (or if any last-minute parties come up) you can keep it simple with this Vinyl Skull Half Mask!