Hair Band Rocker Costume for Women


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Rock and Roll ReputationThe crowd is chanting your name. The bright lights are zigzagging over the empty stage. And as fog machines roar to life, covering the main stage with mysterious smoke, you give your guitar keys a good lickin’ to let those kids know that the legend is on her way. Wouldn’t it be great to be a part of the epic rock scene of the eighties? No one did it like they did. Those rockers had the wild dance moves, the earworm guitar rifts, and let’s not forget their wild hair. They didn’t bother with stylists, they let their gut make the decisions. So if they wanted to appear on stage sporting a mullet, a sweaty tank they’d been wearing for two days, and some leopard print leggings, no one was going to stop them. Who would dare?Product DetailsYou’ll feel ready for your emotional rock ballad when you slip into the wild, colorful animal print leggings featured in this costume. You’ll also get a studded belt to show you mean business, a black screen printed shirt with fine fishnet sleeves that make you look like you’re a seasoned grunge star. Polish your look off with a pair of motorcycle boots, some tough looking jewelry, and maybe even one of our wild eighties style wigs and you’ll be signing autographs with attitude in no time. On TourWhether you’re touring the costume party circuit solo or you’ve got a whole band behind you, you’re sure to rock the house in this ensemble. Just make sure you’ve got the right attitude! As you may or may not know, when you’re wearing more than one animal print on your legs alone, you’re required to go out with confidence. So maybe you’re headed to an eighties themed party. Maybe you’re about to literally perform with your eighties anthem cover band. Or maybe you’re taking on legendary persona this Halloween. No matter what, we only have one more piece of advice. Rock on, man.