Gudetama Gudetama Kigurumi Costume for Adults


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The Lazy HeroGudetama is sort of our hero. You might be wondering how a simple egg can be a hero in our book, especially since he doesn’t seem to have any superpowers and, quite frankly, he doesn’t even seem to do much. But that’s the point. He’s our hero because he’s the best at being lazy, which is one of our favorite things to do!Gudetama is relatable. He’s the sleepy egg who’s had a tough day doing egg stuff, trying to deal with all the crazy stuff happening in the world. He just wants a little bit of rest! Well, we get it, little egg guy. Sometimes you just need a nice lazy day to keep yourself sane. Maybe take a nap on a frying pan or use an eggshell like a papasan chair! Well, now you can laze about just like the Japanese egg with this adult Gudetama Kigurumi Costume.Design & DetailsThis kigurumi costume is a Japanese-style pajama costume that’s designed to look like Sanrio’s Gudetama! The jumpsuit is made of an ultra-soft fleece material, which keeps you feeling extra comfy during your lazy day. It’s a rich yellow color to mimic his yolk colored body and the center even has a bright white eggshell around the waist. Buttons down the center make this easy to change into and the rib knit cuffs around the wrists and ankles give it a snug fit. Finally, the character hood has Gudetama’s adorable little face embroidered onto the front. Just snuggle into the outfit and you’ll be ready to lay around just like the little egg dude!Sleep Easy, EggIf you’re looking for a way to emulate your favorite lazy hero, then this kigurumi is exactly the pajama costume you need! With a comfy fit, you’ll be taking it easy just like Gudetama.