Grumpy Bear Safety Face Mask Pack


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Grumpy = CaringBeing grumpy is a part of life. We can’t be cheery balls of joy every second of our lives and that’s something that Grumpy Bear understands all too well! He knows that being grumpy doesn’t mean that you’re just being bad-tempered. It could just mean that you care so much that it makes you a little bit cantankerous.If you care, then you want to help reduce the chance of spreading harmful germs. Wearing one of these Care Bears masks helps show that you care with your favorite blue bear, Grumpy Bear.Fun DetailsThis 3 pack of Care Bears Grumpy Bear Masks comes with 3 individual masks, each with a different design based on Grumpy Bear. One mask features is concerned face on the front, another one has an all-over print of him, and the final one has his raincloud belly badge in front. The exterior is made out of a velour material and the interior is made out of broadcloth. There’s space in between for a filter (not included). It also features a contoured nose and chin for added comfort! If you care so much that it makes you a little grumpy, then this mask pack might just be the one for you!