Groovy Gal Women’s Costume


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Do you feel like you’re stuck in the wrong decade? Are you often confused by the technology and dental practices of this modern time? Were you perhaps cryonically frozen sometime in the last century and then for whatever reason released in this present one? If so, relax, friend: You’re not alone! In fact, this thing seems to happen all the time…so much so that there have been several movies about it!Thus, if you’re struggling to adapt after abruptly leaving the Swinging ’60s, don’t flip your wig – we’re here for you! There are a few things that will make you feel better: The Rolling Stones are still rocking, the smokey eye is still in, and the peace sign has never gone out of style. But you might want to ask a trusted loved one to fill you in on what happened to the Beatles, and some of your former recreational past-times are not so cool these days.But you know what IS still cool? Threads that – like you – looks like it just took a major trip straight out of the ’60s! This Women’s Groovy Gal Costume looks so far out that it’ll have you feeling all the good vibrations. The pullover v-neck shirt is a total gas, featuring a Pucci-inspired pattern, a fitted bodice, and swingin’ bell sleeves. The neon yellow-colored hip-hugging bell bottoms have an elastic waist band (so comfortable for getting down) and the legs are wide enough to make every dance move look psychedelic. Tease up your hair, add some false eyelashes, and slick on some pale lipstick and you’ll be looking so outta sight that people will swear you just time traveled straight outta 1967! (And, well, you probably did, but they don’t have to know that, dig?)