Grey Jumbo Afro Wig


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Up in SmokeGiggles the clown needed a brand new act. His last few acts were total flops. No matter how much he twisted those animal balloons and slipped all over banana peels, he just couldn’t get the laughs he used to. That was all right, it takes more than a few mediocre gigs to get Giggles down. And after flipping through Clowning: A History, he found the perfect plan. It was hard to find a canon, it was even harder to find someone who was willing to light the fuse. But when Giggles rocketed into that five-year-olds birthday party, he received the best reaction from the kids that he had ever gotten. Yes, the look from the parent’s when they saw the burn marks in their entryway could have curdled milk. And yes, Giggles will never get the ash out of his wig, it’s now permanently grey. But Giggles is proud because, with a courageous spirit and a literal flair for the traumatic (er, dramatic), he’s made clowns funny again!Product DetailsThe wild wig has a classic clown silhouette. The clowns have a dusty, grey color for an eerie clown accessory. Pair this with a classic clown costume for a look that’ll work in both parades and horror houses!