Green Curly Glow In The Dark Clips


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We’re Going GreenA big part of putting a costume together is styling the hair (or lack of it). Whether you’re trying to figure out how to paint a skull cap or Googling how to make 1940s victory rolls, what’s on your head can make or break a look. When it comes to changing your hair color, there are lots of solutions out there, but they take some work! Styling a wig can be as difficult as styling real hair. We love colored hair spray, but that does take time to wash out. What if there was a more subtle, but still effective, way to change your hair color? If you’re trying to go green, check out this set of Glow In The Dark Green Curly Hair Clips! Product DetailsThese hair clips are easy to put in and take out, plus they are reusable. These green curls are synthetic, and they are about 8 inches long. They come on two small combs, each of them about 2 inches wide. But these curls also have a secret! Turn out the lights, and they will glow in the dark! Magical and spooky, you’ll find plenty of reasons to wear these hair pieces.