Gray Women’s Glow In The Dark Wig


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Gray Is For EveryoneGray is definitely in style right now. From adults embracing their early or late gray hairs, to young people dying their hair pastel shades of gray, the color is definitely having a moment. This translates to pop culture, too. Maybe you’re looking to cosplay as Princess Yue from Avatar the Last Airbender, or Atlanna, Aquaman’s graceful and powerful Atlantean mother. Maybe your dream witch costume includes gorgeous gray locks! Whatever the character, this Women’s Gray Glow In The Dark Wig is a great choice. It’s so beautiful, you’ll want to wear this wig on regular days, too!Product DetailsThis synthetic wig features long curls that range from light gray to almost white. “I don’t need a gray wig,” you may tell us wryly. You have your own gray hair. But even the gray-haired among us will admire the length and curl of these locks. These beauties reach far past the shoulders, almost to mid-back. Plus, do your gray hairs happen to glow in the dark? We didn’t think so! This secret feature adds an extra twist of fun when the lights dim at a party or when you step out into the darkness. You rock that gray!