Gory Slash Applique


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Cutting ClassDo you ever wonder how people in Hollywood create their special effects? There’s so much to do! So many characters to create. There are wounded warriors, rotting zombies, and even a handful of demons every year. It can get pretty crazy out there. People train for years on end to get their makeup creations into movies. They learn how to pump fake blood into a wound or add horns and tusks to your face. Long story short, special effects artists are a whole different kind of makeup artists from the ones that get people ready for their fancy-schmancy photo shoots… let’s hope. The nice thing is, you don’t need to worry about going to special effects college. Get a taste of this gory look with this horrific gore applique. Product DetailsThis slash applique is about four inches by two inches. You can make this slash look like part of your skin with spirit gum. It’s about half an inch thick to make sure your horrific cut stands out. Add a little blood in the middle to make your wound look fresh and drippy for shock factor. Want more? We have a lot more special effect pieces to ramp up any costume.