Goosebumps Say Cheese and Die Lapel Pin


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Strike a Perilous PoseWith Snapchat, Instagram, and all the filters that are attached to your camera these days, there can be a lot of pressure to take great selfies these days. You can’t just rely on that amazing airbrush filter. You also have to know your angles. Take the selfie too low and you’ll show nostrils and chin issues. Too high and your forehead will grow five extra inches. Want to throw that anxiety aside? Easy, peasy. Simply throw this pin on with any of your ensembles and you’ll just be happy you don’t have to deal with an R.L. Stine style camera. Gotta count those blessings!Fun DetailsThis one by one pin will stand out with plenty of color and nineties flair! Pin it to jean jackets, backpacks, or a laidback dad hat and you’ll have a tribute to the Goosebumps you loved so much as a kid. Secure this pin with the metal cap on the back and your tribute to R.L. Stine style horror will be complete. Spooky SentimentalSay Cheese and Die is an R.L. Stine classic that’ll bring you straight back to your childhood! Pair it with other Goosebumps paraphernalia such as The Haunted Mask and the Terror Tower pin and you can have endless conversations about those good ol’ Goosebumps days where ever you go!