Goofy Gator Costume for Men


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Unusually OrneryAlligators are unfriendly. We’ve spent a ton of time at the zoo, trying to make friends with those scaly critters, but they just didn’t seem all that interested. They actually just seemed mad all the time. They hissed at us constantly and spent the rest of their time snapping at other alligators. We’ve been told that their unusual orneriness comes from their enlarged medulla oblongata, but we don’t think that’s a very good excuse. Those alligators should learn to be just a bit nicer and then maybe people wouldn’t be quite as afraid of them all of the time. That’s actually why we set out to make a gator costume to help give those wily creatures a better name!Our costume designers got to work, trying to combine some friendly features with the classic alligator. Here’s what they came up with!Design & DetailsThis Goofy Gator costume comes with a bright green jumpsuit, which is a much friendlier color than the drab, muddy colors of a real gator! The back has a zipper for fitting, along with a line of spikes for maximum ferocity! The front of the jumpsuit is a light, happy green color. The tail is attached to the back of the jumpsuit and features stuffing to help give it a plump look! Finally, the headpiece brings this outfit together. It has a pair of cartoonish eyes on top and a row of white teeth along the top of the hood. It fits with a strap under the neck to turn you into one amiable alligator!The Good GatorNow someone can give alligators a good name! When you head out in this alligator costume, you can make some new friends, chat with the other animals, and finally show the world that not all alligators are mean. Of course, you could also hiss and snap at everyone that comes near you like a real alligator if you like!