Golden Cleopatra Girls Costume


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So your kid fancies herself a ruler, does she?Far be it from us to squash a child’s hopes. Although, there’s a lot to ruling. Does she know what she’s in for? She might have to manage troops. Oversee treaties. Deal with upset nobles. Broker trade deals.Of course she could always just lay around on pillows and have someone feed her grapes instead. She could hire a person just to stand next to her and wave a fan all day. She could change into fourteen gorgeous different outfits a day and bedeck herself in splendid jewelry. You know. The fun stuff.And if your kid is intent on being a fun ruler, here’s one of the best options for her: Cleopatra. Cleopatra was Pharaoh, ruler of Egypt. That’s some excellent real estate with warm temperatures, a rich history, and some pretty fabulous monuments. Not to mention she was supposedly a goddess incarnate. That means some killer jewelry and outfits for sure.So if your kid feels like being an ancient ruler with a healthy bit of class and taste, check out our Golden Cleopatra Costume. It’s a full golden dress with sheer blue sleeves. It comes with the collar, belt, and headband for that regal touch. In this outfit, your kid will be ready to rule the Nile!… or at least look like it.