Gold Lucky Cat Handbag Accessory


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Luck of the ShopperHave you ever gone looking to buy something specific and gone home completely disappointed? It can be so frustrating to get ready, your purse packed with all the essentials and your mind set on a prize, only to stroll out the door, face the over-crowded mall, and return with nothing to show for your trip. Not an accessory, shirt, or decoration that fit your wish list found on the shelves. The good news is you found us, and we have something that might just increase your chances of getting exactly what you want!Product DetailsGrant yourself some good fortune before your next shopping excursion with this Gold Lucky Cat Handbag. Inspired by Maneki-neko, this charming purse is here to get you ready for your next trip to the store with both luck and style. The face of the bag features printed and appliqued details including a beckoning left paw that’s on the customer’s side. While the familiar design encourages your pursuits, the shining golden color indicates you’re in for a wealth of success!Shining AccessoryAll right, this adorable purse may be more stylish than it is lucky. But, whether you add its brilliant shine to your everyday wardrobe or your anime-inspired costume, it’s sure to make you feel like one fortunate individual!