Gold Glitter Makeup


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gold or BustAre you ready to shimmer and shine? Now, there are a lot of metals out there. A lot of nice metals. But every culture can concur that gold is always making the best impression. We know that copper is really in right now. There are those fancy Moscow Mule cups and kitchen pots and even light fixtures. Very cool. But no one is going to dress in real copper, they’d turn green! Silver is pretty timeless, it gleams in the sun and makes your mid-summer tan look extra flattering. But if you want to look like a god or goddess where are you going to turn? Gold! Want to look like an Egyptian ruler? Gold! Want to look like an angel that’s flown straight down from heaven? That’s right, gold! Do your sparkly look up right with glitter that’s never failed to floor ’em. Go with gold!Product DetailsThis little pot of gold holds just under three and a half grams of pure sparkle. Good to go for ages five and up, this sparkle works with all sorts of makeup! And when you’re ready to return to your regular hue, simply wash the sparkle off with soap and water. Who knew it was this easy to shimmer and shine?