Glitter Skull Stencil & Make-up Kit


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Keep it Simple, SkeletonNot everyone can be a makeup artist. Some people have to settle for that amateur ranking. Accomplishing a smooth complexion with your foundation and powder and defining your eyes with full mascaraed lashes or a solid cat-eye liner can be more than enough. But when it comes time to do your Halloween makeup, you don’t want to settle for a novice-level job. You want something closer to perfection, even if you haven’t got the time to spend on an exquisite special effects style.Product DetailsMake your Halloween makeup dreams come true with this Glitter Skull Stencil and Makeup Kit. Everything in the kit is included to make your look easy to execute. Place the precision stencil over your skin and simply fill it in using the small brush and water activated makeups to create the lines necessary for bringing a classic skeleton look to life. Clean up any messy edges with the included tone and inky black and give your finished look extra polish with the silver glitter.Stress-Free StylingWhether you’re getting yourself ready for a spooky Halloween or helping someone do their skeleton face makeup for a costume party, this glitter skull kit will keep things simple. Create a clean look with the tools and enjoy your stress-free makeup look!