Glitter Pink Makeup


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Glitz and GlamWelcome. Welcome to the epoch of costuming makeup and pizzaz. Welcome to the product that can instantly enhance all outfits. We are, of course, talking about none other than the penultimate crafting accessory: glitter. It’s amazing what a bit of glitter can do (not to mention how far it can go…). Glitter can make the fairy seem magical, the elf mesmerizing, and the pirate fantastical. Even the most basic cat or flower can begin to glow with a bit of glitter applied in just the right places. It is little wonder that glitter is a staple for the costuming community when it can virtually make costumes seem magical by merely a small application. In particular, for your costuming consideration, we offer this is Pink Glitter Makeup. Which means that this body glitter is a vibrant cosmic pink, perfect for all of your pink sparkling needs. Are you intent on being a glitzy pink bear? A sparkly princess? Maybe even a glimmering pink supervillain? All of these sound like excellent applications for this sparkling supplement. So go forth and glitter yourself until you can feel the magic of the glitter spreading to others!… Oh wait. You’re probably just spreading the glitter…