Glitter Bride Headband


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COMMITMENT AND BLISS AND HAIR STUFFCongratulations, you’re getting married! There’s so much to look forward too. In a very short amount of time, you’ll be married to your best friend, your partner in crime, your one true love for forever and ever and ever. Isn’t that exciting? There are save-the-date invites to pass out and a venue to book and catering to be arranged. There’s so much to do before your big day, so much to worry about, but thanks to the glitter bride headband, worrying about your ‘do is obsolete. Just pop this bad boy on your cranium and head down the aisle. When you’re about to have the best day of your entire life, your-already-beautiful hair should be the last of your concerns!   PRODUCT DETAILS The glitter bride headband is a way to not-so-subtly say that you’re the blushing and beautiful pride. If you’re not into being casual, this is a must-have for your ceremony. The metal headband says ‘bride’ in big, sparkly letters and features an attached veil. How delightful!  WE KNOW PRONOUNCE YOU…woman and hair accessory! This handy headband looks perfect paired with a wedding gown, floral bouquet, and an ear-to-ear smile.