Girls Vampire Costume


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Beware the tales that you think you know, world! The supernatural realm is far more complicated than any speculative fiction leaves you to believe. In fact, there are a number of conspiracies out there that suggest that the tales we think we know are spun by the creatures of the dark world themselves! Salem witch trials, for example? No witches were burned at the stakes, of course! Witches would have magicked themselves right out of that trouble. Some believe that the witches were putting the trials on in the first place! *Gasp!* Well, it is true that the most tragic mistake the mortal world can make is coming to silly conclusions about the supernatural world. We can then wander into the darkness, full of confidence that they know everything to be said about the world of darkness… only to never return!A perfect example comes in what we all understand about the Vampire. A mighty man of mysterious power who can look into your eyes and command you to do all that he wants. He might take the form of a bat or wolf at his whim or even puff into mist to sneak his way into your home. Oh, no, he couldn’t do that until he was invited and, even then, a simple ward of garlic and you’re safe, right?But that’s the real trick! The Vampire Lord isn’t the master of the undead at all. You know the truth, thanks to the charming eye of your tyke who has convinced you to find this elegant Girl’s Vampire Dress! She’s always been a sharp dresser given that long time to perfect her fashion sense. So, it is no surprise that this long-sleeved dress with a bright red satin bodice and ankle-length layered satin skirt is the perfect addition to her wardrobe. Edged in silver braid with a lovely tulle overlay, the dress is the one part luxury, one part comfort, and one part dark mystery when you add the tulle shoulder drapes with finger loops that spread to form wings! Accessorize this already dangerously delightful vampire gown with magical amulets or a gothic tiara and your Vampire Girl will soon become a Vampire Queen! Oh, the world is in trouble, now!